Swot Analysis For Cango

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analysis; only in the Bible does David beat Goliath. In the business world, Goliath crushes David. Accentuating the positives and hiding the negatives is the most crucial part of competitive analysis. CanGo has a few strengths that they enjoy in the marketplace. For one, CanGo has is emerging as an online music and gaming option for both American and international consumers. Secondly, CanGo has increased orders over the past four quarters. Lastly, CanGo has experienced order volume increases that has forced CanGo to conduct research into investing into new applications, hardware and equipment that will allow CanGo to meet these increased orders and become a bigger player in the online music and gaming marketplace. CanGois not without its weaknesses. …show more content…

Using these recommendations, CanGo will be able to make better financial decisions based on their current financial position. This analysis will also help CanGo make informed decisions concerning profitability, liquidity, activity, and leverage based off the current financial statements. In this analysis, we are comparing CanGo’s position to its competitors, Apple, Inc. and Amazon.com, …show more content…

CanGo is not in any position to effectively and profitably compete in that market at this time with its current resources, resources that would be more beneficial invested elsewhere. Though online gaming seems so attractive and exciting, it is a volatile market and ethical responsibilities must be incorporated into CanGo’s ventures if they want to retain a good image and be socially responsible, as consumers are demanding. If CanGo did explore a new online market, it should start by offering CanGo’s consumers a mobile e-commerce app for purchasing and managing music and videos, tracking orders etc. Financial investments should focus on taking care of existing customers better and increasing market awareness and support the most profitable and passionate part of their business. Any move forward in e-commerce should focus on app-based products, and have social responsibility in mind. CanGo must be cautions in analyzing and choosing future opportunities so that they are properly aligned with the current strategies and the company’s mission and

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