Cantrell Family Coat Of Arms

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The Cantrell family Coat-of-Arms and the family crest were among the first recorded by Richard III and found recorded in the Heralds College of Arms incorporated during the reign of Richard III. The Coat of Arms and crest were registered to the Cantrell families in the counties of Cheshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Berkshire and Derbyshire, England. Richard Cantrell was born about 1660 in Derbyshire, England. He was a brick maker and brick mason. He migrated to the province of Pennsylvania in the year of its establishment of 1682. According to tradition, he built the first brick house in Philadelphia. It is possible that it was the house of William Penn, which stands in Fairmont Park and was built of bricks brought from England as ballast for …show more content…

He married Sarah Shed in 1798 in South Carolina, and they had nine children. In 1800, they were recorded in Spartanburg district South Carolina along with their first child. By 1810, their family had increased to six children. In 1820, two more children were listed along with John’s profession of gunsmith and blacksmith. In 1830, John was the first Cantrell ever to be listed in Spartanburg County South Carolina. In 1830, he moved his family to Hall County Georgia. In 1840, they were listed in the third district of Forsyth County, Georgia where John died in 1857. Sarah was living with a daughter in Paulding County when she died in 1870. Merrill Cantrell was fifth in the birth order of nine children born to John and Sarah Cantrell. Merrill Cantrell was born in 1807 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Thurmond who was born in 1814 in Georgia. Merrill and Elizabeth had five children, but Elizabeth died in 1850-1853 in Paulding County, Georgia. Merrill remarried Sarah Ann Thompson Tolbert on May 31, 1863 in Paulding County, Georgia. He would have been 56 years old and she would have been 27 years old. They had five children where the lineage continues with Robert E. Lee Cantrell. Merrill was a captain in the Georgia Mounted Volunteers War of 1837-1838. Merrill died January 9, 1901 and was buried in Dawson,

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