Tangerine Hotel Industry Analysis

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Tourism is and remains a growth sector but is nevertheless influenced by the macro-economic environment. Tangerine group of hotels was established in the year ………… and has successfully remained in this challenging sector despite all of the shortcomings and the unfavourable global market conditions, it has managed to remain profitable, by recording a pre-tax profit of …………………… million in the year 2012/2013. Though a difficult road ahead, we believe that the Asian economies with relatively better fundamentals and rising incomes will eventually emerge stronger.
While Tangerine hotel is a sub part of the Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC they have also branched out in providing other services such as finance leasing, hire purchase, Pledge
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Tourism as mentioned elsewhere accounts 18.7 of the exports revenue of New Zealand’s total exports income and the annual growth is considerably high. Mercantile Investments can exploit this trend by using their past successful experiences in the trade and mobilize their well-qualified and experienced personnel from their own existing carder.
Mercantile Investments can really exploit the Maori culture in promoting their business, which is very unique and is a well-established marketable brand. They can promote this with their current customer base by penetrating it into the market, namely, by having a little margin at the beginning and gradually increasing the prices as the demand
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This may lead to provide family accommodation to attract the best professionals in the tourism industry, but the cost may be very high, as sometimes even the cost of education of the children has to be borne by the employer.

Another factor is the climate condition of New Zealand, as many Sri Lankans prefer the local climate as the winter is unbearable for people of middle age to move on to New Zealand. So the climate condition may be a hindrance to attract people towards the new project.

As the writer is aware of some Sri Lankans have left New Zealand because of the life style prevalent in New Zealand, because they want their children to be grown in the traditional way, where the children respect their parents next to God. So the pay may be very attractive, but still they would prefer to stay back in Sri Lanka where they live a comfortable life, may be not a luxurious one, but they are very content as they can instil the country’s traditional way of living based on the t respective religious

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