Character Analysis: From Rescue To Rehab

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From Rescue To Rehab When Belle was rescued from her abusing and neglecting owner, she was stubborn around other people. Whenever anyone had tried to touch her or put her leash on for a walk, she would go tremble in fear. “It takes a while for some dogs to come out of their shells,”says Kristen Collins, Senior Director of the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Rehabilitation. (From Rescue to Rehab: Belle’s story) After people had started to notice that she was still not comfortable, they took her to a rehabilitation center. At the rehab center, she would learn that not everyone wants to hurt her, but only to love her. After going five days a week for nine weeks, Belle was finally ready to “graduate”. Graduating rehab means that she was once able to overcome her fear of being abused or neglected again. “With her sweet face and gentle demeanor, she immediately became a volunteer favorite,” says Lora Muckin, Shelter Manager at Sammy’s Hope. “She was also a terrific…show more content…
As their goal is to rescue as many animals as they can to give them a better life, ASPCA brings in over four million harmed animals a year. As it had just started out as a small organization to save New York's abused horses, the organization's members do everything they can today to help rescue all endangered animals. “Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us.”, Matthew Bershadker; CEO and president of ASPCA. They have many events that are open to the public. By going to these events, you are spreading awareness to the public and helping save animals' lives. It has helped the people all across America by giving them animals to love and take care of them. As it had only started in 1866, it is still one of the strongest animal rescue shelters all throughout America. Giving and Finances:
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