Character Analysis: The 5th Wave

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The first prompt I chose to write about was number two. Trace the evolution of the protagonist. What obstacles does she/he face and how is her/his character being revealed through these obstacles? Does the character seem to have a difficult of easy time learning and/or adapting? What do you think influence this about the character? In the beginning of The 5th Wave, the protagonist Cassie is in the woods by herself with only the necessities, a gun, and Bear. She ventures up to the same gas station she has been going to for a while. She needs more food and water. While she's there she gets the strange sense that somethings wrong causing her to load her M-16 and take a look around. As she does this she finds the solider holding the crucifix…show more content…
She is scared and begins to try to pack her stuff up and leave stealthily. She is unable to complete this task though because she was shot in the knee and hasn't recovered or healed from it. She falls and is picked up by Evan, though she is unaware of who is and what he did. While she is recovering, she falls in love with Evan. She tells him her secrets and shows him her soul. They create a plan to go and save Sams from Camp Haven. They set out on their mission and encounter another squad of soldiers created by the Others. Evan is able to kill all of them in inhumane speeds and ways. Cassie is scared of him them and asking him what he is. He tells her and she starts to leave. They separate. But they meet up again a couple hours later and Evan tells Cassie what they have and how to get her brother. She tells him not to follow her but he does anyways. After, Cassie leaves Evan she goes to Camp Haven. She is picked up by a bus that takes the children there, she figures this is the safest way to go in undetected of her plan. When she arrives she is brought into the room and sits at the circles. They call her name and she goes in for the testing and cleaning. As she is with the doctor, she chokes her just long enough and hard enough that she passes out. After the doctor passes out Cassie finds her tablet and discover that they're tracking everyone so she takes her tracker

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