Case Study: Spoke To Vivian Ortiz

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Spoke to Vivian Ortiz (DOB 6/20/75) who stated that her juvenile son (16 years old), Elijah Perez (DOB 7/3/99), was being destructive and threw things around the house when she asked him to turn off the oven after he used it. Ortiz stated Perez had been diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder and he had not been taking his medication or to his therapy. Ortiz also mentioned that she opened the case with DYFS to evaluate him and the case was still opened. Ortiz stated that Perez threw some baseball cards, laundry bin, trashes and made mess inside of the refrigerator. We weren’t able to speak with Perez as he walked out of the house prior to our arrival. Perez was described as 5’8” tall, light skinned with short hair. Area was patrolled

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