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Cassette 1 side A

“The rules are pretty simple. There are only two. Rule number one: you listen. Rule number two: You pass it on. Hopefully, neither one will be easy for you.”
(Asher. 8)
Context as a Whole Book
As a whole, this quote symbolizes what, left behind in the aftermath of a suicide. Clay is searching for an answer, why Hannah killed herself. Clay, devastated as he had wanted her to confide in him. Hannah saying she wishes that it won’t be easy for the survivors speaks volumes about what caused her to kill herself.Hannah is playing to the emotions of the people who surrounded her in life and yet caused her to end it.

Analysis As Hannah is playing to people’s emotions and their guilt. The rumors and lies told about Hannah followed her everywhere. People should think about how their actions affect the people around them. How their daily actions could cause a butterfly effect, snowballing, creating waves of hurt and loss in Hannah case. The bitterness that Hannah harbors because of other people’s actions shows in this quote. Her wish to make the people who wronged her in life suffer as she did.

Although a rumor is “just” a rumor, the aura surrounds people is all the same. As if the rumor were true. …show more content…

For example, first impressions. First impressions in Hannahs case where everything. She thought she had found people she could trust and even be involved with. In High School people can be cruel to one another, it turns out Hannahs first impression was wrong she chose the wrong people to be “her” people. Justin was the first to prove her wrong she kissed him and nothing more. In High School, things get blown out of proportion by people who are insecure. Bringing this back to Hannahs case, Justin seems to be the insecure one, the one person had control over his own actions Hannahs future it seems. Justi was the one to start the butterfly effect that ends in Hannahs own

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