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Toys for Cats- Cat Treat Dispenser Product Reviews Giving your cats delicious treats is always possible through the use of cat treat dispenser. Cat treat dispenser allows your cats to play and hunt for treats and rewards. Aside from providing them food and treats, the use of treat dispenses can also stimulate the brains of your pets, and will also keep them physically active. Most indoor cats especially those overweight and lazy ones, are not highly motivated and they eventually become inactive. This might not be healthy for them, so opting for the best cat treat dispenser is a great idea. So if you want to help and entertain your cats, we suggest that you take a look at the following list of treat dispenses for cats. The dispensers are ranked…show more content…
This snack box slows down cat’s eating, while challenging it to work for its kibbles or treats. Trixie Snack Box includes a blue dome and a wavy white base where cats have to pull snacks to get the delicious reward. This cat toy contains a non-slid rubber rim on the bottom part to keep it in place, as the cat works to get treats. Trixie Snack Box is disassembled to maintain its cleanliness. Upon purchase of this cat toy, a booklet is included indicating tricks and tips on how to keep cats engaged when using the snack…show more content…
Stimulo Cat Feeding Station makes your cat active, and at the same time feeling entertained while it is working to get its food. This feeder helps in the stimulation of mental and physical state of cats. It can also be used for all types of cats such as Main Coon, which are known to be bigger breeds. The cat has to pull the food from the tubes using its paws. Through this, your cat can naturally play and hunt just like in the wilds. Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center gets a rating of 4.2 stars. Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser consists of tunnels used to feed on your cat’s curiosity. This cat food dispenser is rated 4.2 stars. To use this feeder, the cat needs to poke and scoop the kibble or treats using its paws. This treat and food dispenser is used by opening the lid and pouring out the desired food amount into the holder. The treat will be dropped into the six tunnels. Your cats are then challenged to reach out for the treats, before they can enjoy these. Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser comes with an adjustable system, making it possible to be used for any size of treats or dry cat food. Slow Feed Cat

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