Catch 22 Analysis Essay

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Cornman Mrs. Lazor English 9GH, Period 2 Due Date 28 March 2018 Catch-22 Joseph Heller Realistic Fiction 08 February 2018 – 12 March 2018 453 Pages 7/10 because the novel was not what I had in mind when I initially started reading the novel. I had expected the novel to be very serious, but the novel is more so funny but subtle. The novel had some serious parts but did not meet the expectation I had at first. If the novel had been more serious, the novel would have been immensely more interesting. Other than the somewhat humorous parts, the novel was interesting and fascinating to learn more about World War II. Literary Analysis Explication: Protagonist VS. Antagonist 1. The protagonist of Catch-22 is John Yossarian. John is twenty-eight-year-old man that is a…show more content…
Yossarian is a Captain in the Air Force, which in turn, makes Yossarian must fly missions in an aircraft. Yossarian does one heroic act but does not wish to remember the act. The squadron must destroy a bridge at Ferrara for days without accomplishing the act. On the first run, Yossarian’s bombs do not deploy, so Yossarian orders a second run at the bridge, and Yossarian then succeeds at destroying the bridge. The reason why Yossarian wants to forget about this mission is because Yossarian lost one of his men, Kraft, during the mission and Yossarian regrets doing the mission. Even though Yossarian lost a soldier, Colonel Cathcart promotes Yossarian to Captain. Due to this first experience, Yossarian’s goal during the war is not to be a hero, but just to survive and do whatever Yossarian needs to do to live through the war. Since Yossarian’s goal is to survive, the next mission, Bologna, Yossarian does all means necessary to get the mission cancelled or rescheduled. When the mission gets rescheduled, Yossarian goes out to fly, but claims the intercoms are not working and Yossarian tells his co-pilot to fly back to the base in
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