Stress In College Essay

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Stress can be defined in several definitions. According to Pinel (2003), stress is a physiological response to become aware of threat that happen around some people. However, in other terms, it is defined as a reaction of a body that requires a physical, emotional adjustment, or mental response (Kumar & Bhukar, 2013). Accoring to Salam, Yousuf, Bakar and Haque (2013) medical students face higher stress level than other faculty students. Regarding to Sathya Devi and Shaj Mohan (2015), stress arises when the combination of internal and external pressures exceeds the individual’s resources to cope with their situation. In this research, the researcher defines stress as a pressure that face by individual mentally and physically that lead them to depression in their life. Elias, Ping, and …show more content…

At the same time, they are trying to have time with their relatives such as family members and friends. They also argued that students are having pressure of their academic performance and lots of syllabus content in a very short time limit and too high expectation from their parents. Letting stress to dominate the students’ life in college will bring them to a very serious effect that completely changes their life and it may put them in failure.
In another research by Pariat, Rynjah, Joplin and Kharjana (2014) discussed that demographic information is one of the factors of students’ stress. They also stated the other factor of st9ress which is academic stressors. They are including family expectation, teachers’ expectations, competition with other students and excessive course work. From their result, it stated that family and teachers’ expectations were largely responsible for causing academic stress among the students. Regarding to results too, if students had problems in socializing, their academic achievement would be

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