Stress In College Students Essay

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Various studies across the globe have emphasised that students undertaking professional courses, are subjected to higher stress. Excessive stress could lead to psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Stress arises when the combination of internal and external pressures exceeds the individual’s resources to cope with their situation. For many young adults, college is the best time of life. These critical years can also be undermined by depression, anxiety and stress. Students are very likely to experience some or many stressors which may test their ability to cope: adapting to a new environment, balancing a heavy work load, making new friends, becoming more independent, and dealing with myriad of other issues. Looking from a closer perspective, the college students’ encounters a number of challenges in his day to day life, therefore the whole idea of an existing and vibrant college life is unveiled by these challenges which in turn contribute to …show more content…

Stress involves interaction of the person and environment. To quote a definition: “Stress is an adaptive response to an external situation that results in physical, psychological and / or behavioural deviations for organizational participants” (Luthans, 1998). Stress has generally been viewed as a set of neurological and physiological reactions that serves an adaptive function (Franken, 1994). Traditionally, stress research has been oriented toward studies involving the body's reaction to stress and the cognitive processes that influence the perception of stress. However, social perspectives of the stress response have noted that different people experiencing similar life conditions are not necessarily affected in the same manner (Pearlin, 1982). Stress arises when the combination of internal and external pressures exceeds the Individual’s ability to deal with their situation (Williams,

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