Definition Essay: The Role Of Stress In College Students

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Growing up I never felt very stressed in my day to day activities. Life was almost a breeze, as I only had to worry about getting at least 3 hours of playtime outside every day. Soon I got to high school, and started feeling the crushing force of stress from constant procrastination. I never once was proactive in getting my assignments done early, and paid the price is sleepless nights on a weekly basis. Eventually I got introduced into the real world my senior year, and my stress felt like it had doubled. I was constantly pressured into figuring out what college I wanted to earn my major in, along with family obligations, my job, and paying my bills. I desperately wanted to go back to having a carefree life of having zero obligations, unfortunately my circumstances didn't allow it. Now that I'm actually starting college, I now realize all of the problems that every other college student had to go through. Stress is now a part of my life, and I've come to terms with it as of now. In my mind, I define stress as the state of mental tension from adverse circumstances. Properly dealing with my stress by chasing a proactive lifestyle has helped greatly in my educational journey. I feel that stress is the biggest problem college students are facing today …show more content…

The stress that students feel today is from both a lack of resilience, as well as increased pressures to succeed. According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, there has been an increased amount of counseling for students concerned about their mental health. Since 2010, there has been a 3.6% increase in student attendance of these facilities, and there's no signs of decline in the near future. As for the majority, stress evokes impotence and increased negative emotions (Whitman). Stress is now being seen as a major problem, and colleges are starting to take action against

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