Why Is Stress Important In The Military

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Being in the military is not the easiest of jobs. Some describe it as a job and others say it is a service to country. People join the military out of family obligation, some join to travel the world and others join for health and educational benefits. All the reasons given all sum up to one thing, and that is to defend this great nation from its enemies, and fight for justice and freedom. Being in the military means enduring stress which we all know is not a subject to be taken likely.
Stress can be anything that changes in the human body. It wears one down mentally, emotionally and physically. Mental stress could be not being able to focus at work or at school because of lack of school or overwhelmed with too much workload. Emotional stress can emanate from …show more content…

The military is always in demand for missions to be accomplished which could range from intercepting a nuclear weapon that is about to strike the country or possibly the entire world, or supporting allies for a positive global cause. Service members in the military work around the clock, and are not paid by the hour. If an average service member’s pay were to be calculated according to the hours spent on a job or a mission, there will be a 90% chance that that service member is being paid below the federal minimum wage (Wage and Hour Division, n.d.). Although leave time is earned (30 days a year), there is always a chance that a service member will be called back from his or her splendid family vacation, because as a service member he or she is supposed to be available for duty at any time of the day (off days are a privilege). For this reason servicemembers feel burnt out mentally and physically. They lose focus, and become complacent or for some discontented as there are constant repetitions with the job. Servicemembers who become discontented need challenges, but when there is none they become bored and idle resulting in a poor

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