Summary Of William Zinsser College Pressures

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College students are often worrying too much about becoming wealthy, rather than worrying about finding a career they love to perform in the future. Many students feel they need to have their entire life figured out and only take classes that will advance them or provide a base to make wealth.
While these classes are important, taking elective classes are also necessary to experience new things and open up their minds. In “College Pressures” by William Zinsser, Zinsser uses pathos, ethos, and logos, explain how students are stressing out in planning their futures. The essay, by William Zinsser explains how most college students are unable to succeed from being so stressed from their grades. The essay begins with notes from students asking …show more content…

Often students do not want to disappoint thier parents while in college, and pursue a career that their parents would want because after all, they did pay a large sum of money to attend. In his essay, he informs the reader of a story of a student who would like to become an artist, and probably would be very good at it, however, his father does not think its a appropreaite career. The student, in the story, takes a few art classes but also prsues what her father suggests. This story should provoke empathy from the readers to the college students. The readers sympathize, knowing that some parents make it very hard to let the students make their own choices. The reader may also even be able to relate to the students about an experiance they had in college with their parents, or become feared into believing they will be that parent one day. Although "College Pressures" is mostly focused on using pathos, Zinsser also adopts the use of ethos. Zinsser uses ethos to presudae the reader into believing he is knowledgeable of what he is talking about. The credibility of the author is represented in ethos according to the book, (

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