Cause Of Death Among Homeless People Essay

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Consistent evidence has shown that homeless people have poor health outcomes, mostly have multiple health problems (Marmot & Wilkinson, 2006, p. 214). As one of the social excluded groups, homeless people not only suffer from the same health problems as unemployed people, also drug overdose and suicide (Marmot & Wilkinson, 2006, p. 214). As homelessness and drug injection are often coincide, contributing to increasing risks of infectious disease, like HIV and Hepatitis B and C (Raoult, Foucault & Brouqui, 2001). Some research reported that homeless people have six times higher mortality rates than general population, in which the particularly high causes of death are drug misuse, chronic disease, as well as suicide (Arnautovska, Sveticic & De Leo, 2014; Babidge, Buhrich & Butler, 2001). The rates of completed suicides among homeless individuals are three to four times higher than non-homeless persons, meanwhile, they are also prone to have evidence for an untreated mental illness (Arnautovska et al., 2014; Haw, Hawton & Casey, 2006). Homelessness is one of the most significant presentation of social exclusion, there are many causes of it, including unemployment, addiction, even health problems and other factors, which essentially contribute to detrimental health outcomes rather than homelessness itself (Department of Human Services, 2002; Healey, 2013, p. 9). …show more content…

217). Fiscal crisis is a major reason of homelessness in Australia usually caused by unemployment, and how the cycle of poverty, unemployment and social exclusion impact health has discussed above (Healey, 2013, p.

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