Cause Of War In Africa

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War can be defined as a state of armed conflict between different nations or states.
Political and ethnic causes are among the top causes of war in Africa. This is because Africa has some of the weakest states institutions, there is also elite political power struggles, a feeling of political exclusion, corruption and identity politics. African countries in general struggle in understanding which ideology they stand for. This is after the cold war impact where nations aligned themselves according to the ideologies they stood for. During the cold war the fight between two ideologies came about. That is the capitalist versus the Communism. USA being behind the capitalist ideology where they believed in individually owned property, and in general
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Some ethnic groups feel or are perceived as more superior than others in terms of resorce abundance, employment opportunities, education, and also holding government or leadership positions. This superiority complex leads to communities disagreeing and the scramble for the scarce resources begins. Africa being a third world country and having over a thousand ethnic groups provides for room to build up these conflicts. An important theory on conflict and conflict management is John Burton's (1979, 1997) human needs theory. This approach to ethnic conflict explains that ethnic groups fight because they are denied not only their biological needs, but also psychological needs that relate to growth and development. These include peoples' need for identity, security, recognition, participation, and autonomy. This theory provides a plausible explanation of ethnic conflicts in Africa, where such needs are not easily met by undemocratic…show more content…
There are international as well as national groups which have helped calm the conflicts in Africa these are: OAU and UN.
The United Nations for example led a peace mission here in Kenya when the post- election violence broke out. The war was political. One side of the faction was in support of PNU’S Mwai Kibaki while another was in support of ODM’S Raila Odinga. These two parties also divided the country along ethnic lines. Kofi Anan led team came forth to help broker a deal between the two parties after the contested elections in which ODM supports claimed elections were rigged due to inconsistencies in the results that were released to the public.
While there was a power struggle going on between the two parties, war broke out in different regions of the country. In Kisumu for example there was the allegation of the majority Luo’s kicking out the minority kikuyus, kalenjins among other ethnic groups. In Riftvalley on the other hand, the majority Kalenjin were purported to be taking over land and properties owned by people from other ethnic groups. The international community could not watch Kenya burn down years of nation building and hence UN sent it’s then Secretary General Kofi Anan to help settle the conflict. This was a dark period for Kenya and the Anan led team settled the political conflict by calling

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