Causes Of Medical Error

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Unfortunately, medical errors are one of the parts of the healthcare system. In general, medical error is defined as an action which leads to harm to a patient. On the other hand, medical errors can also be classified as errors of medical specialists or like drawbacks in healthcare system which can make patient diagnose and treatment more complicated. Despite the fact that definition of medical error is not determined properly, their classes, clauses and ways of prevention and correction are studied quite well. Analysis of reasons, types and consequences of medical errors is the main purpose of this work.
Causes of medical errors
There is a diversity of medical errors possible and they can be classified by its cause, harm caused etc. In general,
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In this case, his mistake has to be analyzed and feeling of self-accusation should not appear. On the other hand, this analyze and rationalization should be made by physician himself, because many physician’s have lack of forgiveness and understanding to their colleagues mistakes (Rubin, 2015). Then, their influence can rather worsen the situation than correct it. In addition, medical error has to be reported to physician’s institution. Thought reports to these institutions about errors and prevented errors are useful, because they help to reform the whole healthcare system and make it better, according to Barach et al. (2000), medical institutions are not supportive…show more content…
There is a variety of factors which can make prevention of medical errors more effective and improve patient’s safety. The most widespread method of collecting information about medical errors occurred is extracting information from reports of diffrernt physicians and building a statistics on this base. However, measures of providing of patient’s safety include many other statements.
Firstly, patient’s safety is provided by informed consent of a patient. Though, there is a misconception of interpreting of medical errors in context of this consent (Hallock et al., 2017). Of course, an error can occur in case of any consent which does not guarantee total safety, because the majority of medical procedures include a kind of risk. However, if some negative effect on patient’s health occurred arbitrarily and was not provoked by wrong treatment or misdiagnose, it would not be considered a medical

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