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STRESS Stress is something a person will experience as he lives his life, whether a person is rich or not, whatever size may he have, a person will always encounter stress, but the people differ with how they will manage the stress that they encounter in their everyday living. And to manage stress, the first thing to do is to know the sources of stress. Some stress is just overreacting, sometimes it is the people themselves who create the stress that they have. Procrastination is one way of giving yourself a stress. With that, a person must understand the true source of stress. The true source of stress aren't always obvious and it's all too easy to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings and, behaviors. (Chauhan, 2013) Habits,…show more content…
It also affects their time management, which is at the same time very hard to do. Too much difficulty on their studies may also lead to too much stress. (Bodel, 2011) Another cause of stress is homesickness. Moving away from your home makes you crave a lot for the things that are part of your life routine when you were still living with your family. You tend to miss the usual stuff you do with your family. It can cause mental weariness because of over thinking about how you ought to be with your home again. Your system is on high alert when there's tension in your chest, headache, upset stomach and jumbled thoughts. These are the things we frequently encounter when we are in our stressful moments. (LaDouceur, 2016) Most people have to cope with things that could much trigger stress. Instances are the traffic, noise, pollution, and errands. Luckily, experts came up with solutions which minimize the effects of these stressors in the body. It is probably to manage our stress wisely to lessen its damaging effects on us. (George, p.…show more content…
Stress management is not only one tool, but it is the best tool to minimize the discomfort of stress. One way of managing our stress is exerting attention to our body. Our physical health is as significant as our mental health. There is a reciprocation of benefits in both parts first, for it to attain its stability. As Sue George stated, “A body that is fit is able to cope with stress” (George, p.26) In building a strong physique, one should have proper nutrition. We hear the word “diet” endlessly but are in fact helpful in not only building a strong body but also helping your mind to cope with stress. You should choose food that is surely nutritious, carbohydrates and proteins are recommendable because it provides the most nutrients that you need. One effect of stress is poor eating habits because of grabbing what’s available when you’re in the middle of your mental dilemma. You tend to eat sweets, crisps and other foods with lots of sugar. Additionally, it leads to obesity when tolerated. Gaining weight pushes you to exercise more. That is why proper diet needs to be partnered with regular exercise to avoid

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