Causes Of Treaty Of Versailles

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After the First World War, the great powers from around the globe gathered in France and signed the Treaty of Versailles, which was registered by the League of Nations to be the one treaty to end all feuds between countries and resolve problems caused by World War I. This treaty gave Germany a lot to deal with and put them in a really bad position. According to the treaty, Germany had to demobilize their military and paid huge amounts of money to the countries that were affected by World War I (the war that was supposedly caused by the Germans). Adolf Hitler, who took control of Germany in the 1930s, decided to not follow the treaty and did the exact opposite, which was to authorize military recruitments. This was considered an act against the agreement between the countries and made other governments unhappy. Right from that moment on, people around the world knew what to expect from what was about to come – WWII. Hitler deciding to go against the Treaty was just the beginning; hundreds of other problems also occurred at the same time and led up to what we know today as the deadliest war in the history of mankind.

Image 1: The treaty of Versailles being signed by the world’s great powers. (Treaty of Versailles.)

The first obvious reason for the beginning of World War II, was the ‘over the top’ ambition from nations around the world for more lands, wealth, and power. This ambition led to a powerful up rise of Nationalism. From all over the world, the ambitious
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