Celebrity Endorsement: The Importance Of Celebrity Advertising

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In today’s world countless new products are emerging into markets, their advertisements are cluttering the media channels and the availability of variety of brands causes a consumer’s attention to become divided where they are often left confused as to which brand to opt for.
Marketers, in this situation, use celebrity endorsement as a tool to cut through all the media clutter and manage to grasp the attention of their target consumer, triumphantly.
A celebrity endorser has a profound impact on the consumers and celebrity endorsement has been undertaken by many scholars and researchers due to the importance it holds in the advertising world.

The celebrity endorsement market is known to be a multi-billion dollar industry, worldwide (Crutchfield,
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Companies make considerable investments for the sole purpose of matching their brands with the relevant celebrity endorser, perfectly. Furthermore, a huge decline in the productivity and effectiveness of other marketing communication tools (Blondé & Roozen, 2006) has led to the firms wanting to pay whatever ridiculous amounts of fee these celebrities demand for endorsing their product. Since there is an enormous impact of celebrity endorsement on the profitability and image of the firm (Endorgan, 2001), the continuous involvement of the senior management in the decision-making process can be seen regarding which famous personality to select to endorse their product.

Due to the considerable costs involved in hiring celebrities, it becomes essential for the marketing and advertising managers to not only form a proper link between the quality and characteristics of the endorser with the endorsed brand's equity (Dwivedi, Lester & McDonald, 2015) but to also identify any other variables, determinants or factors which play an influential role between the relationship of endorser credibility and brand equity. "Brand schematicity" has therefore been adopted in this study as the third variable, to assess its impact on the former two
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This has a consequential impact on the way consumers think and store incoming information in their memory nodes. In other words it causes them to organise information based on brand schema. Brand schematicity allows consumers to store incoming consumption information around the central brand node (Puligadda, Ross Jr. & Grewal, 2012). Hence, introducing brand schematicity in to the "endorser credibility" and "brand equity" equation leads to the research question of the study, mentioned below:

Does "brand schematicity" have an impact on the relationship between endorser credibility and brand equity?

As the study goes deeper, further literature on endorser credibility, brand equity and brand schematicity will be reviewed. Along with the relevant theories which support these variables.
A quantitative form of research will be carried out and questionnaires will be an integral part of the
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