Objectives Of Celebrity Endorsement

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The major objectives of this study is
• To measure the effectiveness of celebrities used in television commercials and Facebook advertising on consumer buying intention of fashion apparel industry.
• If effective, then I will try to compare celebrities endorsement in television commercials and facebook advertising and see which tool is significant in changing the behavior.

The importance of my research will not only help managers but also help academic players to explore new areas in research.
This research will help managers to know importance of advertising tools. We will discuss importance of research as follows.
• Managers will come to know about the importance of advertisement tools like facebook advertising and television commercials.
• Managers can achieve their promotional objectives through effective utilization of advertising tools.
• How can celebrities be effectively used in changing consumers buying intention?
• To understand consumer perception about celebrities in advertisements.
• Advertisement budget will be effectively and efficiently used by managers
Since my research is focusing more on practical side. My research will help researchers to …show more content…

Still their importance has not been reduced. Companies are getting benefits from celebrity endorsement. Consumers feel that quality of product will be very high due to celebrity endorsement. They have trust on celebrity endorsement. Attractiveness of celebrity endorsement will grab intention of consumers. Celebrity endorsement is used by companies to enjoy media exposure. Brand equity will be improved due to celebrity endorsement (Farrell, Karels, Monfort and McClatchey, 2000; Erdogan et al., 2001). Celebrity endorsement will give companies a competitive advantage over similar brands. However, celebrity endorsement will not be effective if they endorse more than one brand (Solomon,

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