Central Nervous System Research Paper

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The Nervous System is a network of nerve cells and fibers that transmit nerve impulses between parts of the body. The major organs that deal with the Nervous System are the brain, spinal cord, and the sensory organs including the eyes, ears, skin, nose and tongue and all the nerves that are connected. This system is responsible for the control of the body and the communication among the parts. The brain and the spinal cord make up the control center know as the Central Nervous System or CNS for short. This is where the information the body gets is evaluated and this is also where the decisions are made. The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) are made up of the sensory organs. They monitor conditions inside and outside of the body and sends all the information it collects to the CNS. The nerves that would with the PNS carry signals from the CNS to rest of the body to keep it working and functioning, This includes muscles, glands and organs. …show more content…

Neurons are nerve cells that do all the communicating within the body by transmitting electrochemical signals. A long process called Axons go from the cell body to send the signals to the other neurons or other cells in the body. There are three basic nervous that work with the nervous system the afferent (sensory neurons), the efferent (motor neurons) and the interneurons. The afferent neurons send sensory signals to the CNS from the receptors of the body. Efferent neurons send signals from the CNS to an organ or cell that will act to certain stimulus in the body like muscles and glands. Lastly interneurons form networks within the CNS to collect the information received form the afferent neurons and to to help the body function through the efferent neurons. So interneurons are basically the boss that has employees(afferent and efferent) running around doing the work for him while he collects all the data and

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