Certified Medical Assistant

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Working in the medical field are many responsibilities that comes with this career. Medical assistant by law to work in the medical field are not require to be certified. Many medical facility’s requires certified medical assistant today because employers what some form of medical assistant certification and experience. The eligibility for medical assistant certifications required some graduate degree in a medical training programs in order to be able to carry some specific duties in some states, in order to draw blood, EKG, and x-rays that will require to have a certification in which this is accredited either by ABHES or it can be by CAAHEP. CMA stands for Certified Medical Assistant, and it’s awarded by the American Association of Medical Assistant (AAMA). This type of certification most be renewed by every five years. RMA stand for Registered Medical Assistant and the credential is awarded by AMT (American Medical Technologist), and it is credited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (Difference between CMA and RMA | Difference Between | CMA vs RMA Retrieved on September 3, 2015). Most employers in the US recognizes both CMA and RMA credentials. The differences of each program is that one …show more content…

Some states will require for the students to obtain a license in order to perform certain procedures. Having your certification is important especially for entry level positions. Certified Medical Assistant are offered by the Association of Medical Assistants. Registered Medical Assistant is a credential that is given by the American Medical Technologists. The national credentials for CMA, and RMA in the United States is to obtain the requirements of a national organization in completing a course, training, and the education to be all the certifications. To become successful (Credentialing: Understanding the Education, Training Retrieved on September 3,

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