Cesar And Mandela Comparison

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Cesar & Mandela “The significance of Cesar’s life transcends any one cause or struggle.” this means that (what Cesar had achieved from whatever his people were doing was hard like a struggle ) -Cesar Chavez Cesar Chavez was a mexican-american , who fought for human rights. Also he was a good farm labor leader & a community organizer. Nelson Mandela succeeded with helping people from his country and became the first black president in Africa. Even though he got arrested for his political activities, many national supporters were helping him with his fight against apartheid.Cesar Chavez & Nelson Mandela were both successful for what they did for their people.Mandela & Chavez were both great leaders.The difference between Mandela and …show more content…

Also in the story it's said that Robert F.Kennedy described Cesar Chavez as “one of the heroic figures of our time.”That is one way proving that Cesar was better than Mandela. Also his various victories for Unions.Chavez legacy was to help anyone achieve their struggle. Cesar also influenced and inspired millions of Americans from their struggle of life.Mandela was a successful leader to but the story isn’t that convincing. Even though Nelson Mandela did help a lot of his people he wasn't quite having problems about laboring and his people dieing just because they didn't have good conditions to work in the field , like Cesar had to go through that . Although Nelson Mandela had to go through people being racist because of skin color or religion or just because they were different , yet many people were feeling bad and were hurt because they had feelings. The people weren't just thinking right but , not many were dying because of this conflict , but in About Cesar many had lost their lives for fighting for the human rights and supporting. Cesar chavez was more persuasive because he helped and inspired millions to fight for what was right . Also Chavez made them feel that what their was it was important especially to the farm

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