Challenges Of Immigrants

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The Challenges of Immigrating to the United States

Immigrants are people who leave their hometown to permanently live in a foreign country, usually in pursuit of a better life. Many of these immigrants would move to the U.S. since it was a nation where people could find jobs and get land. The United States was a country where anyone could go to start a new life, however, a majority of these people were usually poor and had to endure a lot before having a normal life. These settlers had to live a hard and demanding life because countless numbers of them were poor families who were constantly struggling to get a living and finding a job. During the 1900s, a large number of immigrants came to the United States of America looking …show more content…

However, to earn money you have to have a stable job and work hard. Immigrants who came to the United States needed jobs to earn a living. It was not easy to find a job as an immigrant at that time if you do not speak English fluently. Although there were many job opportunities, getting a job was still tough. In 1980, a 24-year-old Russian immigrant called Elena Gorokhova, was on her way to fly from Moscow to the U.S. to reunite with her husband. On the plane, an American looking man who was a Russian literature teacher told Elena that she could never become a teacher in the States due to her inability to speak English. Elena was aiming to become an art teacher, however, her dream got crushed when she found out that the man’s words were true. However, since there were so many job opportunities, others could also find jobs easily without needing the knowledge to speak English. For example, a Vietnamese man moved to California during the 1980s to find jobs since he heard that there were many job opportunities there. In California, he worked as an electronic assembler for his first job in the United States. Since most immigrants could not speak English fluently, they would usually not earn much for their first …show more content…

Even though immigrants wanted to leave their home country to get better living conditions, they would have to find jobs, live without knowing how to speak the language and face immigration policies. Finding jobs as an immigrant was not that difficult but they would usually be forced to take the low paying jobs that were available. Living in the U.S. without knowing any English words was also difficult. Most immigrants would learn how to speak English since it was not easy to live there without a source of communication. Additionally, it made their daily lives more comfortable. Immigration was reduced due to many immigration issues which have been a problem for many poor countries. People had to give up on their dream of having a better life since they were either not allowed to immigrate to other countries. Although it was very challenging to come to the U.S. to earn a better life, most people have succeeded in improving their lives despite the challenges they

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