Chapter Analysis: You Can 'T Play'

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By: Samantha Haas You can't say you can't play is a story written by a kindergarten teacher named Vivian paley. It's about Vivian teaching her students not to treat others differently, and excluding them from playing with the other children. She is sure that children are able to be taught that all children and people are equal to each other no matter what. She teaches them this by reading them a story and teaching them different lessons on how they can treat people equally and fairly. At the beginning of “You can't say you can't play” the children are weary of the experiment but by the end of the story the children realize just how easy being kind and accepting can be …show more content…

How the children who are rejected from playtime will isolate themselves or won't reach out to others if they need help or want to hang out, Vivian read a story to the students about how to treat others and how to treat people fairly. In chapter 2 “Is it fair? Will it work” this chapter covers recording the students actions on what she just taught them from the book she read in the chapter before this, she says that the 1st graders surprises her and the younger the children the more intense approach. She asks a question to the students “Is the new rule fair? Can it work?” This leads to the children who have been rejected from something to share their responses, I think this was a very good thing to have the children do because it shows other kids just how rejection affects other

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