Character Analysis: Enrique

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At this time Enrique has to make a decision. Enrique wants to change his life for the better and the sake of his own family.Then again, Enrique has responsibilities waiting for him back home. Enrique has only two choices but must choose one that will change his life forever. His mother and his family, Maria Isabel and Jasmin“If he doesn 't change he will repeat his mother 's mistake time will slip by, and jasmine will grow up without him. He must save $50,000 as quickly as possible to buy a house and start a business in Honduras.”(nazario pg 218) The quotation proves that enrique wants to stay in America because he needs to provide for his family, Maria Isabel and Jasmin. He needs to be financially stable to have a better life in Honduras. …show more content…

Many women and children take the trip to Central America to find a better job, or in a child’s case their mother. These people often make these sacrificing decisions because they imagine how life would be in the U.S.,they leave their lawless country to seek hope in the U.S. I agree, it surprises me that they take this odyssey trip. I 've come to know immigrants and I 've asked why do you take a dangerous trip like that? They all give me the same answer, “to live a better life.” Most immigrants go through starvation,heat,cold, and violence. This opportunity is like a ticket to paradise, a sign of hope on the other side. They treat this opportunity as if it were a golden ticket. Many illegal immigrants have died taking on with the journey or being deported back. Women get raped and left abandoned. Men either get beaten or robbed. they know the sacrifices they must make. It is not an easy journey. Most immigrants will try again after their fourth try over and over again. Another reason why I agree is that all the dangers that head their way can have them go back and do it again. This trip is the cause of many deaths, immigrants try to avoid such areas and officers. Children often get lost or killed, if they are lucky they make it. Nearly 11.6 million immigrants come to the U.S. Officers count is that 20% of immigrants get caught trying to cross the border. Many immigrants travel for days and can be killed in deserts by poisonous creatures. It’s not fair how people have to break a law just because they want a better life. Sometimes they get deported back and leave their families behind. I believe those who want to cross the border should get a background check. Families have to save money in order to bring them back. The U.S. legalizes irrelevant things such as gay marriages and medical marijuana. They need to legalize immigrants who come to seek hope. Things like immigration should be legalized. So, it does surprise me. People taking this trip must do what they

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