Character Analysis: Iago's Motives In Othello

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Iago’s Motives
Iago is the main antagonist in Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. He is one of the most famous and mysterious villains of all time. Some might say he is the embodiment of evil, but what are his true motives? Why does he hate Othello so much? Is he a motiveless villain or more complex character than we might think?
To answer this question we have summarize what we know about him. He is Othello’s ensign and probably an experienced soldier. He is also known for his positive reputation among others. Othello refers to him many times as “honest Iago” and so does Cassio. All of this depicts him as a good guy. Only the audience knows his true nature. He hates Othello. His plan is to make him believe that his wife Desdemona is having an affair
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He mentions this again in Act 2, Scene 1:
For that I do suspect the lusty Moor
Hath leap 'd into my seat; the thought whereof
Doth, like a poisonous mineral, gnaw my inwards
And nothing can or shall content my soul
Till I am even 'd with him, wife for wife
In this case, “wife for wife” could be interpreted as “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” It is obvious he wants revenge or, as he sees it, justice. Making Othello question Desdemona’s faithfulness and including Cassio in his plot, seems like a fitting way to do that. What’s more, this motive would also explain his behavior towards his wife and to women in general. His negative perception of them is perfectly described during the conversation with Desdemona and Emilia:
Come on, come on; you are pictures out of doors,
Bells in your parlors, wild-cats in your kitchens,
Saints m your injuries, devils being offended,
Players in your housewifery, and housewives ' in your beds.
Although he uses it as a joke to make fun women, it’s possible he also believes it himself. He mostly refers to them in offensive manner. He is not even afraid to kill his wife after she reveals his plan to the

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