Finding Nemo By Pixar: Film Analysis

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“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.” This is a quote that I personally live by. Pixar’s fifth feature film, Finding Nemo was released in theatres on May 30, 2003 and is one of the highest-grossing animated films to ever be created. Ranking number 9 on the list from the year 1980-present, Finding Nemo is definitely a fan favourite. The film was inspired by the director and co-writer, Andrew Stanton’s overprotective nature. As a relatively new father during the film’s development, Stanton found himself at odds with his tendency to veer into overprotective territory, much in the way viewers see Marlin combating the same thing in raising his son Nemo. He also had a love for all things aquatic that dated back to a childhood fascination with his dentist’s fish tank, so Stanton used this lifelong interest as a funnel for a deeply emotional story about the challenges of being a good father. The three main characters was…show more content…
He was very excited and eager about it. However, Marlin -paranoid over the events that happened years ago- became overprotective and was hesitant and nervous about letting his son go to school. After Marlin sends off Nemo off to class with his teacher Mr. Ray the stingray, one of the dads of the kids going to school with Nemo, Bill, a longnose butterfly, slipped out that the Mr. Ray was bringing his class to the drop off. Marlin instantly panicked and rushed to get Nemo. Meanwhile, Nemo followed Sheldon, Tad and Pearl to skip class to the edge of the drop off where they saw a boat. The three challenged Nemo to get closer to the boat but Nemo declined and said his dad told him the ocean was dangerous. Marlin arrived just in time and thought that Nemo was going to swim off in to the ocean. Although Nemo and his friends denied the statement, Marlin didn’t believe
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