Character Analysis Of Remember The Titans

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Making its debut in 2000, Remember the Titans is a film about how an African American coach Herman Boone faced with multiple challenges changes the existing ideologies of the whole town through the game of football. A film that is dramatically devastating is characterized by the transforming character dynamics, vintage setting, and compelling dialogue while inconsistent in its authenticity. Director Boaz Yakin is undeviating from this them of change that he portrays through both character development and dialogue. Arguably, coach Boone, starring as the central character in the movie he is unwavering in his position as a roughneck who is strong in his convictions. This is seen by the audience in his numerous collusions with defensive line coach Bill Yoast and players. Both verbally and physically abusive in practices or on the sideline, he commands perfection in exchange for unity in the form of extra practices at longer durations. Usually due to the players continuous self-segregating behavior in living and dining. Yet, his counterpart, coach Yoast is progressive but hesitant in his acceptance of Boone. Considering that he is the all-American coach with preexisting prejudices he has the ability to compromise. As seen in his change from blatant discriminatory rejection to sensible compliance in reference to Boones offer of assistance in coaching the Titans. However, in every instance it is the players that truly make the team a team. From Gerry Bertier, a white team
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