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The cold is apparently a common ailment, but it is highly irritating to the patient, as well as contagious for all others around. The viruses of the colds are ejected out of the body through the sneezes of the infected person and spread very fast to the uninfected people. The mucous membranes lining the nose, throat and the lungs are badly affected by these cold-causing viruses, which multiply rapidly and further worsen the situation for the patient. The common symptoms of cold are running nose or blockage in the nasal passage, frequent sneezes, sore throat, headache, mild fever and watery eyes. Some patients may suffer from cough as well. These annoying symptoms usually last for 7 – 10 days; as by this time, the cold germs are destroyed by…show more content…
1. Usage of Salt Water It is an ancient home remedy for cough and cold, to gargle with salty water, to break down the congested mucus in the throat and bring a soothing effect to the soreness of the throat. Salt water can also be used as the form of a nasal spray, by inhaling some lukewarm water mixed with salt, to clear the blockage of the respiratory passage. This nasal spray can be used 5 – 8 times a day, in the cases of severe cold. 2. Drinking plenty of Fluids The patient suffering from the cold should drink lots of water, fruit juices, and some beneficial broths. The habit of drinking plenty of liquids will help in faster flushing out of the viruses from the body. The infected mucus of the respiratory passage is thinned due to the presence of excess fluids. Ideally, eight ounces of any form of fluids should be taken in a day. Fluids should be taken at an interval of every two hours, for obtaining the best results in curing colds. But any carbonated or alcoholic drink may result in further dehydration of the body cells, thus should be avoided during the illness. Green tea and Chamomile tea are also highly beneficial in curing cold, due to the antioxidant properties of these special

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