Child Abuse Policy Analysis

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Policies are put in place for people to follow not only in the government setting but also in much smaller settings. According to Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016) defines policy as a clearly stated or implicit procedure, plan, rule, or stance concerning some issue that serves to guide decision making and behavior (p. 87). In the social work field policies are put into place so that there is guarantee that all clients are treated with the same respect and are offered the resources that are available to them in their community. In this paper I will discuss policies that are in place for children that are being abused and what is in place to help them. Not only are we concerned with if these policies are working but also how are they being paid …show more content…

Some of these children may not be old enough to have a voice or they just are too shy. By having those in society aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse we are hoping to break down the cycle. Some parents may not even believe that what they are doing to their child is a sign of child abuse but it could be something that has been passed down from their parents. What parents have to remember is that there are many ways of parenting around the world, this does not mean that anything goes, as long as it’s “cultural”, parents must adapt to what is acceptable in the dominant culture around them (Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance website, 2016, para. …show more content…

In having mandated reporters, we are able to advocate for those children who are unable to speak their own minds either because of fear or they are just too young. I feel that because people know that there are mandated reporters out there they are held to a higher standard and should not be abusing their children. I feel that permanency planning is also very effective and does seem to work. It gives the families to get their issues straightened out or they are going to have to face the consequences of having their children removed from the home and possibly put up for adoption. The fact is that many of these parents need to be on board with effectively be raising their children or the county will step in and find them a placement where there is love and their needs are being

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