Christ In The Truman Show

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“The Truman Show” is about a man who is the star of his own television show. The only problem is that he doesn’t even realise it. Truman Burbank was adopted at birth by a television company. Truman has since lived in Seahaven, an island that is actually a massive television set. “The Truman Show” is watched live by millions of people all over the world, twenty-four seven. The shows god-like executive producer, Christof, attempts to control every aspect of Truman's life. Truman is unaware of all of this, until one day he starts to notice things aren’t adding up.
Throughout The Truman Show, Christof is alluded to Christ. Christof, whose name literally means he who holds Christ in his heart, is Truman's controler. Towards the end of the film,

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