Christianity Vs Deists

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During the 18th Century the United States Constitution was written and the majority of the Founding Fathers were religiously associated with either Christianity or Deism. What greatly differed these two religions was that Christianity’s doctrine stated that God created the universe and actively is in control of it. On the other hand the Deists denied the Trinity and believed that God created the universe, and then left it to run it’s course. Aside from this, the Deists received their sense of God and morality from nature instead of the Bible.
Deists can easily be identified by their church involvement, their participation in the ordinances or sacraments of their church, religious expressions, and what friends, family, and clergy said about that Founder’s faith. Colonial churches were not only a venue for church services, but they were also used for political and social events during colonial times. Christians who regularly attended church would be present …show more content…

George Washington was said to have not taken communion on many separate occasions. After George Washington took control of the Continental Army he was said to have not participated in “Holy Communion” which was the ritual at that time. Additionally, Washington was also said to have left church right before communion on various occasions.
Deists and Christians seemed to have their differences even when it came to what phrases they used in common speech to talk about God. While Deists used general terms to describe God such as “Divine Goodness” or “Providence”, Christians used clear defined words like “Savior” or “Redeemer”. Lastly, Deists were identified by the testimony of others around them. For instance, George Washington’s pastors saw him to be greatly influenced by the teachings of Deism which helps make the conclusion on George Washington’s beliefs rather

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