Christopher Columbus Exploration

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Christopher Columbus’ Exploration Whenever thinking back to things that they have learned about history, one person that often stands out to most people would probably be Christopher Columbus. As one of the first people that people are taught about when learning history, Christopher Columbus is very well-known among most people. Even with little knowledge, one could probably at least state that he was the explorer who sailed across the ocean in 1492 and discovered the Americas. However, there is more to Columbus’ story than that. He was an extraordinary explorer who overtime became very power-hungry, and people eventually came to see that after he had been exploring for a few years. Around the time that Columbus began on his first journey, …show more content…

During his first voyage in 1492, he rediscovered the Americas after being granted permission to go by the Spanish king and queen. After the first voyage, he returned to Spain, where they allowed him to continue his exploration and claim land for Spain. On his second voyage, Christopher Columbus discovered that there were no people left alive in La Navidad from his first voyage, presumed to have been killed by the natives there. The third voyage was split into two groups; one group took supplies to the colonists in Hispaniola, while the other explored even more. During the third voyage, people began to not like Columbus’ rule and were hostile towards him. According to The 4 Explorations of Christopher Columbus, “The dispute was resolved when Ferdinand and Isabela appointed Francisco de Bobadilla as royal commissioner, with powers above those of Columbus himself.” Whenever Bobadilla gained control, Columbus was arrested for his crimes and sent back to Spain. After most of his charges were dropped, Columbus made his fourth and final voyage to the Americas. Upon arrival, Columbus knew a storm was going to hit, and warned the governor of Santo Domingo that he should not allow some ships out of port at that time and requested to dock his ships there. They did not allow it, so Columbus found a place for his ships to safely anchor while all but one of the ships in the fleet sank. Christopher Columbus was an incredible explorer, but just became too greedy with each voyage he went on. His rediscovery led other countries to begin sending their own explorers, all trying to claim land in Americas. Columbus took a huge step for the world of exploration, even though he may not have realized how great it really was at the time. No matter how bad he may have been, he was one of the greatest explorers during that

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