Cigarettes Satire

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On a daily basis, I watch numerous Canadian citizens puffing smoke and hacking as they hold their cigarettes and cigars between their middle and index fingers. Printed on each pack of cigarettes sold are multiple warnings regarding the consequences and negative impacts of smoking habits. Regardless, users continue the usage of the drug that is legal in Canada. There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous. These cancerous chemicals in cigarettes are equally as dangerous as drugs forbidden by law. Cigarettes should be illegalized globally to extend the life expectancy of inhabitants across the world, provide …show more content…

This is a mockery to those living in extreme poverty. It is estimated that around 175 billion US dollars would be necessary to end world poverty. In place of the industry that kills around 500 000 people annually in the US, this money could be contributed towards the evident catastrophe that causes nearly half of the world 's population to live in poor conditions. The cigarette industry depends on the nicotine (an addictive additive which can lead to the development of nicotine tolerance. This means that the affected person needs to use nicotine regularly to maintain normal brain function) to expect returning customers to pay more money to satisfy their addictions. Although many users are aware of the severe negative impacts on their health, users continue to purchase several packs of cigarettes daily. In most instances, each pack results in a shorter lifetime to spend with their families and loved ones as each cigarette smoked decreases a life expectancy by about 14 minutes. Additional data on this topic includes the 1.3 billion people who smoke worldwide, the 15 billion cigarettes sold daily (nearly 10 million per minute), and not to mention the fact that someone dies from tobacco use every eight …show more content…

Although it would weaken the economy, it would more importantly decrease the usage and demand, thus lives would be longer, opportunities to better lives would increase, pollution would be impacted in a positive manner, and nature and its many wondrous creatures would remain safe. The superlative solution to better this worldwide problem would be to ban the use of tobacco and to formulate and popularize Eco friendly cigarettes. This would increase the speed at which users recover from the harmful damages done and also be a therapeutic resource in which recovering cigarette addicts can

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