Cinder By Sharon Draper Character Analysis

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Cinder Book Analysis Many people hide the truth, or just lie to get out of a situation. This may provide pleasure for a small amount of time, but the truth could be revealed. In Cinder by Marissa Meyers, Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, and society, the lesson that concealing information, which is thought to hide unfavorable characteristics, can cause detrimental circumstances is learned by Cinder and Rose, and is shown in society. Sixteen-year-old Cinder is a cyborg and an exceptional mechanic. She lives in a world where a terrible disease called letumosis is affecting many humans. One day, she is at her booth in the main square as usual, when Prince Kai asks her to fix his android. Kai visits her sometimes to check on his android, and …show more content…

Melody, who has cerebral palsy and photogenic memory, is an incredibly smart, but disabled girl. Because of this, people often discriminate against her, and she is put into lower classes. At the end of her fifth grade year, she takes the test to get into a team for a trivia competition, and she gets in. Her team gets to go to Washington DC for the national competition. On the day when they had to leave for Washington DC, the entire team, except Melody, goes to the airport early to eat breakfast together. The original flight they were going to go on got canceled so they all went onto another, earlier flight. Rose, Melody’s friend, is also on the team and was in charge of calling Melody to come to the earlier flight. However, Rose does not contact Melody, and Melody is left behind. The team comes home with the ninth place trophy. Rose hid the fact that they were going on an earlier flight, and instead of winning, they came in ninth place. If Rose had contacted Melody about the earlier flight, then the team could have gotten a higher place, because of Melody’s intelligence. The circumstance created was not as bad as it could have gotten and Rose did not hide a characteristic of her own, but she still concealed the facts because of Melody’s characteristic and the circumstance created was not very

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