City Target Executive Summary

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Another key factor is that the shift from the suburbs to urban areas is quickly on the rise (Olick, D. 2015). With that being said, there is an increase in demand for smaller and compact stores that provide targeted offerings specific for the city life. The problem with exploring urban markets is that location and space are scarce. Wal-Mart is known for its big box discount format. Although its Neighborhood Market specialty stores have begun to crop up in various places, the focus has still been on targeting suburban markets. Target’s specialty stores such as Target Express and City Target are focused on the city life. The express stores are stocked with samplings of distinctive Target products to allow its guests easy access and convenience. City Targets are designed to offer a customized assortment of its best selling products specifically designed for urban areas that offer greater design and great value. Expanding into urban markets with these specialty stores such will allow Target to gain market share and to create a niche for themselves that its competitors have yet to tap into. …show more content…

Target has been the first to move into the highly populated areas with its current offerings of one Target Express and eight City Targets thus far (Target Corporation, 2015). This puts Target one step ahead of the competition and would afford the organization to make significant gains in market shares. Based on Target’s financial reports and forecasting, Target should pursue to develop eight more Target Express stores and seven more City Targets within the upcoming years with the ultimate goal of having 15 new stores opened by

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