Civil Rights Club Reflection

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During my time at Sacopee Valley Middle School I believe I had a positive impact on the school. I can also say that I have had a positive impact on the middle school during my four years attending Sacopee Valley High School. One of my strong beliefs involves giving back to those who give to you, whether it be little or small. While I was a student at Sacopee Valley Middle School, I was a member of the Civil Rights Club for two years. I don’t believe that the Civil Rights Club is still an active part of the school, but while in the club I promoted many good ideas. As a member I attended a statewide seminar with the Civil Rights Club where we learned effective ways to be a good member of our schools, how to treat others, and how to be there for someone who may need it. I have carried these skills with me and treated others in ways that they deserved to be treated. In my eighth grade …show more content…

Two to three times a week, during one of my class periods, I go come down to the middle school to mentor a fourth grade students. I know that I have made a difference in the life of this student. I try to be a person she can trust and enjoy having by her side. This student will remember me and how I helped her throughout her time in fourth grade. I know she will take the advice I give her and carry the lessons i’ve taught her all throughout the rest of her years in school. After I graduate and go through college, I plan to still make an impact at the middle school. I plan to be a special education teacher and want to return to Sacopee Valley to teach. I would like to say that I am making a difference with my career. It would be even better to make a difference in my own community. My career choice shows how I will continue to make a difference at Sacopee Valley Middle School if I have the chance to teach there in four and a half

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