Civil War Causes

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The Flames that Created a Fire across the Country: The Civil War The Revolution created the United States, but the Civil War determined what kind of nation it would be. Disputes kept building onto each other and eventually burst into a “fire” over the entire country. This would come to be known as the Civil War. The Civil War was not only fought because the North and South differed in their views on slavery, but through a combination of causes. Although there were many, the three most important causes of the Civil War were slavery, the Constitution and Compromises, and Lincoln’s ideas. Slavery was one of the biggest causes of the Civil War. “On the night of October 16, 1859, (John Brown) led a band of 18 men, black and white, into Harper’s Ferry, Virginia… No such uprising occurred, though. Instead, local troops killed eight of Brown’s men… On December 2, 1859, Brown was hanged for treason in the presence of federal troops and a crowd of curious observers. Public reaction was immediate and intense in both sections of the country… Northerners expressed admiration for him or his cause. The raid itself may have been the work of a madman, they acknowledged, but Brown’s motive was “sublime.”... Some Northerners began to call Brown a martyr for the sacred cause of freedom. The response was equally extreme in the South, where outraged mobs assaulted whites who were suspected of holding antislavery views… Even long-time supporters of the Union called for secession.” (document I)

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