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Clara Barton Clara Barton was known to be the founder of the American Red Cross. Barton was also working in the US Patent Office in Washington DC this is when the Civil War just began. Barton would have to collect badges and other supplies for the army troops. Clara Barton thought she could do much more than that to help. She wanted to help the wounded soldiers in person. Her hard work in the war made her know. Barton was also know to make peace in the war. This is why she is so famous today and most know. Then she decided to work for the American Red Cross in 1881. Barton was the the first president of the Red Cross during the war time. People know her has. Then call her the angel of the battlefield. Clara Barton …show more content…

Barton served a important part in the war. Barton helped serve Federal Troops. To help the troops she privately collected supplies that was distributed to all the hard working troops. During 1862 she was allowed to travel to the fighting areas. Barton though was not always a nurse she was very talented in passing out and attaining supplies. This all affected by having her have her presence felt everywhere she went. Then she made a organization to locate missing soldiers. Clara Barton showed a lot of love in the civil war. Even when Clara Barton was a child she helped and nursed. Clara might of not have been able to do much but the loved she had was amazing. When she was eleven her brother David had a horrendous fall. Her brother David was working on the roof of the barn because he had to fix it, but again fell. He was not meant to make it very long. That didn't stop Clara from trying though. Clara sat by his bed for 3 years. From all the work Barton did she was so inspired to do it all by her beloved father. Her father played a big part in inspiring her in working on the battlefield. Her father was the captain in the war. Barton's father taught her geography. The most important geography he taught her was all about the battlefield. This helped her a lot later in life. It helped her get around and help soldiers all over the warfield. When Clara Barton was a child she suffered from extreme

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