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Exposition: Teachers are one of the most demand professionals. As Helen Caldicott states, “Teachers are the most responsible and important member of the society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth (Bibao, et. al. 2012). As one’s profession, teachers don’t live in a vacuum. They live in a society. They are part of society. The society influences them to the extent that they allow themselves to be influenced by it. Their thoughts, values, and actions are somehow shaped by events and by people with whom they have contact. They, in turn, help shape society-its events, its people, and its destiny. These situations made one realize the significant role that one will play in society. This is perhaps one reason why many a time the teacher is blamed for the many ills in society. It only translates how challenging is the life of a teacher. However, while teaching has many demands, it also has its share of rewards. Teaching is also an opportunity. In fact, how to suit oneself to serve learners who are diverse is a big challenge at the same time is an opportunity for teachers to find ways to adapt themselves to the needs of the society (Gallimer & Goldenberg, 2010) Lets’ explore further different situations in the educational field that could serve as challenges for teachers in their teaching career in the K to 12 classrooms. As a teacher for several years, diversity or differences among our learners have placed greater demands that challenge teachers

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