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Hong!!! The sound of the horn blows in my ear as the final second’s ticks off the clock. Looking up at the score board with anger in my eyes and sweat glistening upon my face. Standing in the middle of the field with my helmet dangling in my right hand, I watch as the other team cheer with laughter, hand shacks, and an over whelming victory. I will never able to put my trust in any coaches.
“Sosa step in my office I need to talk to you.” I sat down in the seat staring Coach Duck deep into his soul. I listened as coach expressed to me how much he wanted to be successful. He also told me he there would be no favorites. I believed what coach was feeding me. I felt that coach would do what was best for this team this year and not just put the people that he was real close to out …show more content…

I t just didn’t seem like coach was for real about what he was talking about. He was still putting in my players that didn’t even need to be out the on the field. He had people on the sideline that needed to be in the game making big plays for our team. On August 1st we had our first game and this was coach time to prove to us that he would do whatever to help us win. Coach did the complete opposite of what had told me.
Coach had players in the game that was messing up big time.
Coach duck still wouldn’t take the players out the game for nothing. He had players in that game that was literally just giving the game away for us and he had back up players that could really get in and help the team out in a positive way. Anyways we lost our game not just lost but we

[Type text] got whipped. Why does it feel like coach duck is just throwing our season away?
Moral of it all coaches will always put their favorites in. Especially if coach is related to someone on the time no matter how good they are or how sorry they are that person is guaranteed to play. That’s not fait to all the other kids though who has been there all year work hard.

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