Coin Strategies: The Vietnam War

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There have been many different wars throughout the history of the United States, and there are has been many different ways of fighting them. One of these methods is the Counter-Insurgency, which is also known as COIN Strategies. It has worked in some of those wars and in some, they did not work at all. Most prominent COIN strategies in United State history have to be the Filipino War, Vietnam War and the fighting terrorist in Afghanistan. Each of these wars had similar core of the COIN Strategies, but they had different results and different ways of doing the COIN strategies.
While it has been used in many different wars, its fundamental core has relatively stayed the same throughout these wars even if they called it new tactics. The COIN strategies are very basic when it comes down to it, and Filipino War, Vietnam War and the fighting terrorist in Afghanistan all have this basic structure. First the troops that are going to participate in in this strategy would have to be trained in basic
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Once they gain the trust of the local which can take a long time, they would be switch out for someone new, and it would have to start all over again. There are similarly in these are, but there are different too. For example, in the Vietnam War had many problems with its programs; first it was underfunded by the government, and the Vietnam War was being fought as general war instead Counter-Insurgency war. Another different in these wars would have to land they fought in and cultures. Now if I had to say in which of this three war who was most successfully it would have to be the Filipino War. This is because the Filipino War was fought as Counter-Insurgency Warfare and the government put more time in this COIN strategy. They also had more control areas that they had which is COIN success are measured in. While the program has been successful in some way, there are something that I would change about the
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