College Admissions Essay: Can You Say The Alphabet Backwards?

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Can you say the alphabet backwards? I can, and rather quickly. That’s not the only great thing about me. I’m currently in the Lincoln High choir and a previous member of the Stockton Youth Chorale since 4th grade. I have always loved to sing, and come from a long line of musically talented people. I am the youngest in my family, even younger than my cat, and am often treated like it. I promise I’m not a spoiled brat, but I am treated like the baby. My favorite genre of music is pop and hip hop, but since my family listens to country, I have grown to love that too. And here’s a secret about me, I eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches which are one of the best things in the world. I am a mixture of the guardian and idealist types. I think …show more content…

Earlier this year, we had to find a new place for my grandma, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, to live because the place she was in could not provide enough care. We moved out of a neighborhood I lived in my whole life and into a new house. We are not used to being tied down to our house but on days when she’s herself, it’s worth it. At first I was scared, however I learned it is important to spend time with your grandparents while they are here. Deep down I’m a very opinionated, caring, and genuine person. I hide these parts of me, because while I would like to be an outgoing person, I do fear being judged about my opinions or feelings. Only my closest friends and family get to see that person, but sometimes even they don’t get to see the real me. Others may see me as cold or distant but it’s just a protective shell. My short term goal is to be more open with my feelings. I will start with my closest friends and if I do have an opinion, I can state it and not feel bad if someone disagrees. My long term goal is to stay on top of my grades and go to college. I will make sure my homework is finished so I don’t get bad grades. An obstacle I will have is I’m too much of a procrastinator so I will finish my assignments on

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