College Admissions Essay: Who I Am Today

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My decisions have shaped me to who I am today, a 17 year old teenage girl wanting to create a future for herself. A future involving what I love: forensics, biology, and psychology. My passion for science has been there ever since I was young and in elementary school. I’m a curious girl, always looking things up wanting to know just so I know why things do the things they do. I want to bring that passion and motivation to succeed in the University of Colorado. Science has taught me how to be the leader I am today. I may not be the first person to be given the title “leader” because I am not one to tell people what to do and how to do it. I am a leader in the way that I am open minded and ready and willing to listen to everyone’s thoughts and …show more content…

Instead of just reading a fact from a book and trying to memorize it for the test, I enjoy thinking deeper about it and questioning it. Why? How? What would happen if...? My hope for a college experience is to leave the familiar environment of Illinois and explore a new social and geographic climate. I am looking for a strong academic and extracurricular focus in a university, and I believe I have found that mix at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I hope to see the value of my classes as they contribute to the whole of my degree, and to appreciate the lessons taught in every subject I study, required or not. I think that through the pursuit of academic success, I can find more than a degree, at CU Boulder. I would learn, not just material, but life skills - and prepare myself for the bright future ahead of me. I feel that this would make me a valuable addition to the CU Boulder community. I want to impact the university and make it a better place, and my belief is that it will more than return the

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