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The unique qualities and characteristics that I possess that will allow me to contribute to the UCF community are being able to work independently and staying motivated at everything I do. Working independently has prepared me for the future because I will not have anyone but myself to get my tasks done. All my life I have worked very hard to get everything I have wanted to accomplish in life especially during my junior year I set a goal to get straight A’s and I put my mind to it and I finally was able to obtain the grades I wanted. After all the years I have worked hard it has paid off which is why I am where I am today with a 4.236 weighted GPA and a 3.727 unweighted GPA. Another quality I have that will help me contribute to your community …show more content…

I was able to teach my teammates my skills so that they can be able to succeed and learn new skills that they can practice. Having a leadership quality has enabled me to be motivated and be able to achieve anything I start so that I can be able to complete it successfully. It’s always a great feeling in being a leader because you can influence others to always put in their maximum effort in anything they do. I chose to apply to UCF because after receiving many emails and researching this University I realized that this is where I wanted to be, a knight. Also, UCF is only four hours away from home so I thought it would be an excellent idea to apply because I won’t be too far from home or too far from my family. UCF captured my attention because they have Sports Medicine which is what I’ve always wanted to study so that I can be able to become a doctor for professional athletes. To be accepted into UCF’s Sports Medicine is one of my dreams because this university will help me gain knowledge and prepare me for the field I want to be part of. The softball team here influenced me to apply as they earned their first national ranking in

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