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“One has to remember that every failure can be a stepped-stone to something better” (Col. Sanders). These inspiring words were said by one of the most famous and successful businessmen of the world. He is Colonel Sanders. The Colonel’s life was a very interesting life because he has faced many obstacles during his life. Moreover, Sanders’s life consisted of three main stages which are his childhood and early life, his business and career, finally his achievements. To begin with, his name is Harland David Sanders. Col. Sanders was an American man that worked in business matter. He was known for his fast food restaurant that served fried chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was born on the Ninth of September, on 1890. Henryville, Indiana, United …show more content…

Harland devised what came to be known as his "Unique Recipe" in 1940. That recipe for frying chicken became most famous recipe in the world. Mr. Harland's formula Contains About 11 herbs and flavors and it is still a prized formula and is registered as a trade mark. In any case, in 1950 he Shut down Sanders Cafe and Restaurant and Traveled the U.S. to offer his invention of frying chicken to the eatery proprietors. He keep trying through a portion of the harshest early disappointments of all. Regardless of having what we now know is an evidently well known chicken formula, nobody needed it at first that represent a big challah get faced Mr. Harland but he was very optimistic to succeed. Indeed, Sanders has persevered more than 1,000 dismissals before at long last discovering an eatery that was willing to work with him. At an early stage, KFC says, Colonel Sanders truly conveyed the mystery flavor blend with him in his auto looking for business accomplices, and first to take establishment offer was Pete Harman. At that point in 1964 he opened the First KFC outside North America. in 1971 KFC was obtained by Heublein Inc. Who initially established as an eatery and lodging business in 1862 by Andrew Heublein who is an American maker and merchant of hard drinks and nourishment all through the twentieth century. Sander was determined to have intense leukemia in June 1980. Sadly, he took his last breath at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The reason of his …show more content…

Therefore, when KFC was bought by Heublein, Inc. there were more than three thousands restaurants worth more than 285 million dollars. PepsiCo bought the brand for 840 million dollars after fifteen years. The owner of the restaurant sold his stake in the restaurant for 2 million dollars in 1964. At that time there were 600 restaurants in America. When he died it was worth more than three million dollars. Moreover, he loved helping people who are trying to educate themselves. The best thing he did for those people was creating some foundation like the Reach High high school and the Reach High foundation. These Foundation programs helped lots of people for the coming years, in the operation, giving people the help they need made the restaurant a place to grow and be you. In addition, diversity is more than a philosophy at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is part of their founding co-working principles. Their global culture is actively developing a workforce that is different in style and background. In the end, the environment is very important at Kentucky Fried Chicken because they want to make the best food to their customers. They made a lot of plans to reduce their environmental influence and plans to be

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