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For my Hispanic heritage project I decided to do Ricky Martin. Ricky’s occupations are singing, acting, and being an author. He was born on December 24th, 1971 in San Juan. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. Ricky was in commercials from the age of six. His commercials were mainly advertisements for fast food and soft drinks. After being in those commercials he decided to try out for an all boy pop group called Menudo. He had auditioned three times for this group before earning his final spot in 1984 at the age of 13. He was in the group for a total of five years. During his time in the group Ricky toured around the world singing in different languages. After his five years he had reached the group’s age limit which is 18. He then returned …show more content…

His fourth album was released the next year which featured his hit single called “La Copa De la Vida”. The song was such a hit he performed it in the 1998 world cup soccer tournament in France to two billion people. He also preformed this song at the Grammy awards in 1999. He was then given an award for best Pop Latin performance. He was featured in Time Magazine for growing a Latin Cultural influence in American Pop. He founded the “Ricky Martin Foundation” in 2000. This foundation was a child advocacy organization. This group fights child exploitation. Martin then became a father to two twin boys named Martin and Valentino. They were both born in 2008. They were born to a surrogate and once he was comfortable with his private life he came out in 2010 saying he was attracted to the male gender. He was inspired by his sons to come out and tell everyone. He is currently dating Carlos Gonzélez Abella. The two ended their relationship in 2014. All of his good work allowed many other Latin American artist open up like Shakira, Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias. His first English album which is also called “Ricky Martin” has sold over 22 billion copies and is the best-selling single of all time. Ricky went onto bigger things. He wrote his book which is named

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