Colorimeter And Labquest: A Case Study

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First, a colorimeter and LabQuest were retrieved and and plugged in to warm up. While the colorimeter and LabQuest was warming up, 3 test tubes were labeled 1,2, and 3. Then, the control pH 7 solution was made according to Table 1 right in the corresponding test tubes. The test tubes were then immediately placed in a 100mL beaker with an ice cube in it to keep the solutions cold. The solution in test tube 1 was poured into a cuvette that was labeled with a piece of tape on the cap that said “B”. After the solution was poured in, the sides of the cuvette were wiped off with a Kimwipe to get rid of any fingerprints that could affect the colorimeter reading. The colorimeter was then set to the 470 nm setting, and then the “B” cuvette was

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